Mademoiselle Gloria

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« What’s up tout le monde moi c’est Gloria » This is my introductory sentence since I started my Youtube videos in 2015 !

And here I am 5 years after creating content on networks. And Several Companies of major brands have trusted me (clickable link that takes you to contact).

Who would have thought? A little Chadian who grew up in Montpellier and then moved to Saint Étienne where she discovered a passion for videography and cinema but especially the desire to share her daily life with her faithful Glorious family!

There are nearly 2 million subscribers on You Tube 9ook subscribers on Instagram and 1.8 million subscribers on Tiktok!

I will share with you exclusively, my best addresses and good plans for travel, I will reveal my current projects, my latest fashion nuggets, my beauty tips, as well as my poems and many other things!